The time for green alternative energy is now.

The only way we can disconnect from OPEC  is for individuals to begin constructing and installing their own Solar and Wind energy generators.

There are numerous publishers of instructions available.

Many have manuals and include videos to aide in construction, assembly and installation.  Several that I have reviewed also include  source lists for acquiring solar cells, batteries and other needed materials.

Here  is a link to one publisher that comes highly recommended:  GREEN POWER 

And a link here to an electrician in Minnesota who built and installed his own system and states that if you passed the third grade and can use a screw driver you can build and install his solar and wind system.

He also said this,  “The first month after I installed my system and used it for three weeks I saved 75 percent.
The next month after I connected my windmill to the solar set up, the power company paid me.

I live in Minnesota, so even in winter it made enough power to supply my home.

He developed a program that he now sells because of so many requests for information.  This is what he says about his program:
You will receive a video to watch for each step.

It details what you need to do every step  from what to buy to constructing  your systems

(don’t buy kits already made  they cost several thousand dollars and you don’t learn what you need to know to set up your system).
Don’t buy solar kits.   You get  a complete list of what you need to buy to make your own.” POWER 4HOME